What is PYCH?

PYCH is an online, open source, Python code checking tool made in 3 hours from scratch. It uses Flakements script to check the code for errors and pep8 deviations. Flakements uses pep8 script and pyflakes so the accuracy of the checks depends on those two scripts. PYCH is not a debugger. You shouldn't rely on it to solve every problem. Think of PYCH as an extended lint tool with pep8 checks.

How should I use it?

Just paste your code inside the textarea and click the submit button. Make sure your code is Python. There is no persistence, so the code is for your eyes only and has lifetime of 1 request. PYCH doesn't store any data.

Wow cool. Who are you guys?



Do you have any other online tools?

Yes, we do. We made the 960 layout generator. It's open source and you can fork it from Dejan's Bitbucket. You can also check our company pages Atomidata and PressedWeb and our blog Brainacle.

Wait, there's more!

We need to thank all developers/companies for the packages we used for PYCH

  • Flask - the best microframework EVAR
  • Pygments - the most versatile code highlighter
  • Pyflakes - Linter for Python